2B2T[edit | edit source]

2B2T is one of the most toxic places on all of minecraft. The chat is full of offensive and rude language. There are no rules so griefing (act of destroying something that is not yours) and hacking are allowed. If you do want to join the ip is "2b2t.org" Warning this is not a server for kids. But if you do chose to join, it is a crazy yet wonderful experience. (I have played only a week and i have died multiple times) If you want to stay safe i recommend traveling out to 100,000 blocks then leaving a highway and then building. This may seam like a daunting task but if you brake it up over a couple of days it really is not that bad. Also if you do not have a hack client you will be at a serious disadvantage.

SERVER[edit | edit source]

the server has a massive set of high ways on the major axis and the minors in both the nether and the overworld. they really help but be careful the high ways are sometimes damaged and hard to travel sometimes.

GETTING IN[edit | edit source]

getting in to 1.12.2 and putting in the ip (2b2t.org) then que times on the server can be from 4 hours (400-500 people) to 1.5 days (900-1000 people). you can also pay $20 a month to get in almost immediately. the server is still playable with out it though.

PLAYERBASE[edit | edit source]

most players are not the nicest the chat is filled with offensive and flatly racist stuff. there is an old saying "trust no one".

SERVER FILE[edit | edit source]

the server is really big on the 2b2t wiki page it says that it is 9 terabytes big and $90 dollars a month to run. if you ever play on the server stay safe praktis online safety at its max and have fun.[edit | edit source]

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