2b2t Wiki

2b2t (full name 2builders2tools) is the oldest anarchy server on minecraft. It has no rules or moderators except for the owner, Hausemaster, but he is never online. It is filled with bullies, hackers, cringe YouTube fans, and other horrible people who all use naughty macroevolutionist words and have touched nary a blade of grass in their entire lives. It's like a bad neighborhood full of people who smoke and swear and hate kids, but in a Minecraft server.

Although 2b2t is the second oldest running server in Minecraft behind Minecraft Online, it is one of the most popular servers because of its dedicated community of typical 2b2t addicts. The current map has been active since December 2010, without a single reset in its entire history, and has reached over 8 terabytes in size due to the endless amount of blocks placed. It once got so bad, A player named Redstoner had to put his computer in his refrigerator to keep it from overheating because he was using a duplication glitch which required five minecraft accounts. Typical 2b2t addict. It is hosted in Sweden.


the server has a massive set of high ways on the major axis and the minors in both the nether and the overworld. they really help but be careful the high ways are sometimes damaged and hard to travel sometimes. Especially when you're getting chased by 2b2t players who target new players to prevent you from escaping spawn and make your experience harder.

Logging in[]

getting in to 1.12.2 and putting in the IP (2b2t.org) then que times on the server can be from 4 hours (400-500 people) to 1.5 days (900-1000 people). you can also pay $20 a month to get in almost immediately. the server is still playable with out it though. you could just wait with the normal queue for free and no cost, but it takes a long time to get in, you could pay to get priority queue to get in much faster, well i don't recommend buying priority queue if you don't like it.


most players are not the nicest the chat is filled with offensive and non-kid friendly words. there is an old saying "trust no one". The server is filled with adults and kids who play this game to make other player's experience way harder. They treat 2b2t like real life and start wars over things.

Server File[]

the server is really big on the 2b2t wiki page it says that it is 9 terabytes big and $90 dollars a month to run. if you ever play on the server stay safe practice online safety at its max and just ignore the chat if there are words that are inappropriate especially for kids.[]