Peter Micheal Larsen, otherwise known as FitMC is a YouTuber that talks about the ever changing 2b2t. He was born on February 1st , 1990. Although he is over 18, he does not swear or hate kids


Fit started to play 2b2t in 2013 and is great friends with Sato, Etika, The CampingRusher, and other horrible people. He was a teacher before he joined and played 2b2t, and now he is so addicted to it that he forgot he had an actual life outside the horrible server.

He also has some conflict with PopBob in the past, PopBob attacked him with full diamond gear while he was fishing. Because he spends his entire life on 2b2t, dying in game was like a real offense to him, and so he got mad at PopBob. This shows just how easily lifeless 2b2t addicts will hate you.

To be fair, he didn't stand a chance knowing that he didn't have any hacks back then. Because for some reason, every 2b2t player is legally required to have cheats. It's almost as if they aren't skilled enough to play fair. Typical 2b2t addicts.

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