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FitMC Skin

Peter Micheal Larsen, otherwise known FitMc is bald.


Fit started to play 2b2t in 2013 and is great friends with Sato, Etika, The CampingRusher, and other well known people. He was a teacher before he joined and played 2b2t, and now he is a well respected member of the community.

He also has some conflict with PopBob in the past, PopBob attacked him with full diamond gear while he was fishing, and then during the 3rd incursion Fit killed Jared2013, clyde and taylo.

Fit has many alt accountd that are known, but some are still anonymus. He is a nomad and often mives around a lot. He has met famous people and even played with Tommyinnit, Jschlatt and Ninja as of 2021.

This guy is lying fit isn’t respected he’s a retard[]

Some people think that FitMC is an idiot. Their thoughts are non-neutral, thus not belonging in a wiki.