The Group of TW was founded in 5.2020. It is inactive now. The Group was founded by TheeSpecialestK. It is a Chinese Group.

Flag[edit | edit source]

red and big C

members[edit | edit source]

TheeSpecialestK Calvin Passer_By JoelQin

relationship[edit | edit source]

1.TIF(friend) 2.Octopus(enemy) 3.Tiranny(neutral) 4.Armorsmith(neutral)

Sign[edit | edit source]

The sign in the spawn.

Other Info[edit | edit source]

1.TWs thinks they are a group of oldfags, because one of them(Calvin) is an oldfag. TheeSpecialestK thinks he is an old player too. 2.TW has some relationship with the old Hause and the new Hause.

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