jared2013, often referred to simply as "jared" is a significant player, incursion leader, griefer and hacker on 2b2t in early 2014 due to his associations with iTristan and Pyrobyte. He is most often associated with the destruction of Imps, The Tyranny, his involvement in the Rusher War, and the history of Spawn Incursions.

Jared has griefed over 500 bases and may have griefed more than infamous griefer popbob. He was also responsible for his infamous 30 days of griefing.

History[edit | edit source]

The early history of jared2013 is unknown, though it is known that the account jared2013 was gifted to the current owner by Dr_Cash, who had been a long time friend of Jared before joining 2b2t. It is also known that jared2013 was active on the LoneMiners faction server before migrating to 2b2t.org as a result of LoneMiners' closing. Joining the server on February 06, 2013, jared2013 remained silent and sparsely active for nearly a year before intervening in the destruction of Valkyria, during which he threatened to eliminate the base despite presumably being unaware as to the coordinates of the city. These threats were generally ignored.

Pyrobyte, who, at the time, was considered the "King of 2b2t", gifted Jared a full-set of God Armour.

Incursions 4-7 and jared2013's rise to power[edit | edit source]

Jared2013 participated in the Fourth Incursion and the Rusher Massacre, and had built up his status as a powerful and important player on 2b2t. Once the Rusher War had ended, numerous groups and factions sprang up after both Team Veteran and Team Rusher had been dissolved. These groups attempted to gain as many members as possible, and began fighting for control. During this time of struggle, the server fell deeper into chaos as one of the most overpowered duplication exploits took place - out of this, jared2013 attempted to use this to his advantage. He called for a surprise incursion, commencing the Fifth Incursion. jared2013's goal was to create a large wall at Spawn constructed entirely out of obsidian - his downfall, however, was his decision to make the players that could participate in the Incursion exclusive to his agenda. Only his close friends could take part, and there were not enough members of his incursion to actively build his wall. Many of the groups that were attempting to rise to power took this opportunity to destroy what had been built of the wall in an attempt to cement their groups as figureheads in 2b2t.

One group in particular, Aurora, completely destroyed the wall single-handedly using withers. The Fifth Incursion was deemed a colossal failure on jared2013's part and is still considered by many as the "False Incursion" because of its disastrous failure.

The Sixth Incursion passed in 2018 and in that same year, jared2013, in a position of power, helped pioneer the Seventh Incursion, which would ultimately be the final. Because there was no enemy to fight in this Incursion, the entire project fell into disarray. Numerous allegations have been made about jared2013's actions in this incursion, but none have provided concrete evidence; it is still unclear as to what truly happened during the Seventh Incursion. Anti-Incursion groups quickly made the Incursion collapse in on itself and it was deemed another colossal failure. It was the first time in 2b2t history an Incursion had been shut down by another group.

To perhaps put the final nail in the coffin, Sato86, widely regarded as the founder of Incursions, called for the term itself to be put to rest.

Today[edit | edit source]

Nowadays jared2013 runs his own anarchy server, Macrochasm, running on Minecraft 1.6.4. The server has an average of 10-15 players on per day at peak hours. He goes on various anarchy servers, such as 9b9t, Constantiam, and of course 2b2t.

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