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jared2013 is a player that joined in early 2013. He is known primarily for his griefs, but has also led five Incursions, and co-founded The Tyranny with taylo112. His most notable griefs include The Lands, Imp's, Space Valkyria I, Space Valkyria II, Space Valkyria III, Smibville, Valinor, Equilibrium I, Equilibrium II and many more. jared2013 has griefed over 500 bases, making him the most prolific griefer in the history of the server.

Jared is known to share lichess links to play with newfags over 2b2t chat. He also created and ran the 2b2t PreJune and 2b2t PostJune discords, until giving them away.

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Jared also teamed with TheCampingRusher and said "I'm basically a Rusher now" in chat.