Rusher joined 2b2t on June 1, 2016 and posted a video about it on YouTube, which caused an influx to the server by his fans and viewers. This caused many older players to be pissed with him, and he began to recognize this.

Eventually, things began to get out of control and TCR declared war on the oldfags, in which he called OG's (Original Gangstas). This caused the oldfags to assemble into what we know today as Team Veteran.

Rusher went on to be Team Veteran's number one target as the group conducted several massacres on his fans and have attempted to hunt him down. Team Veteran failed to actually hunt and kill his main account and send it back to spawn but they have gotten close twice. The first time was when Fit and his gang missed Rusher by at least ten minutes at the Valley of Wheat. The second was when Bitter Cynic found him at his paradise and a chase for him and Mr.Mitch occurred. The two eventually got away as Bitter tried to spawn trap Mr.Mitch as he logged off before death but failed. The two decided to be more cautious about coordinates and revealing their travel throughout the server in order to prevent Veteran recognition of the areas shown or figuring it out with a Minecraft Map Analyzer.

Due to Team Veteran constantly hunting for him, he never settled to create a base, attempting only twice to create a makeshift base. He remained a nomad as his two attempts were griefed by Team Veteran.

Fit actually admitted that Rusher didn't seem so bad as a person several times. As Rusher gained better gear, his mood of videos began to shift from the unintended war he caused and focused more on base tours and explaining the history of the server to his fans. He eventually left 2b2t on October 22, 2016, as he began to lose ideas for the series, his fans were getting bored, and the start of school. He also planned to return to the server in mid-June of 2017.

Rusher managed to kill about 3–5 Veterans during his time on the server.

On August 9, 2019, Rusher uploaded a video to his Minecraft YouTube channel looting a dupe stash and has said that he's gonna start another series on 2b2t. TheCampingRusher has not been seen on the server since, although his base mate BenMascott has said Rusher will come back to 2b2t and that he was just busy.

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