TheeSpecialestK is the founder of the Group TW(The Wanderers), which is now inactive(2020.5.2-2021.5.7).

TSK joined the server in 2020, after watching Fitmc’s video.He also watched Rusher’s 2b2t video.(TSK is an YouTuber and a editor of

When he first joined the server, he was always killed by the oldfags around the spawn.However, when he escaped the spawn, he met JoelQin and the two newfags became friends. Then they found the group TW, which means The Wanderers. When Calvin join the group, TSK became a player who had many items.

Acording to himself, he doesn’t like building bases, but he prefers to put his things in the ender chest.

He’s still playing 2b2t although TW’s great time was gone.

TSK thinks he is an oldfag.


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